Competition of Sculpture for Lujiazui Financial City, Shanghai 2019 (Invitation for Submission)


I. Purpose of Competition

To promote the construction and development of Lujiazui Financial City of Shanghai, reflect Shanghai’s role as an important international financial center, and enhance Shanghai’s regional image and international popularity, we hereby hold the Competition of Sculpture for Lujiazui Financial City, Shanghai 2019. The selected works will have the opportunity to be funded and established in Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City.

II. Brief Introduction to Lujiazui Financial City

Lujiazui Financial City is located on the east bank of the Huangpu River, which is one of the prime locations of Shanghai. Its total area is 31.78 square kilometers, and it is in the Pudong part within the inner ring road of Shanghai. The central area of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone (commonly known as Little Lujiazui) covers an area of 1.7 square kilometers.

The central area of Lujiazui is located in the prime location along the Huangpu River. It has Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Tower (China’s tallest building), Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai International Convention Center, Pudong Art Museum, etc., which form an internationally renowned skyline and are the most featured name card of Shanghai.

Figure 1: Location of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone


Red area: The central area of Lujiazui (Little Lujiazui) covers an area of 1.7 square kilometers and is enclosed by Pudong Road, Dongchang Road and Huangpu River;

Dark purple area: The geographical scope administered by China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lujiazui Administration Bureau  covers an area of 24.39 square kilometers and is enclosed by Longyang Road, Jinxiu Road, Luoshan Road and Huangpu River;

Green area: Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone covers an area of 31.78 square kilometers and is enclosed by Longyang Road, Luoshan Road and Huangpu River;

Light purple area: The coverage of Lujiazui Administrative Examination and Approval Service Platform covers an area of 42.77 square kilometers and is enclosed by Longyang Road, Yanggao South Road, Gaoke West Road, Luoshan Road, Yunshan Road and Huangpu River.

Lujiazui Financial City is a world-class financial city, a world-class central business district (CBD) and central activity area (CAZ), the core functional area of the construction of Shanghai’s five centers, and an important strategic fulcrum for Shanghai to be an international metropolis.

Lujiazui is the business district with the highest economic density in China. At present, there are more than 43,000 enterprises in Lujiazui. In 2018, of Lujiazui, the tax revenue exceeded 105.4 billion yuan, and the local fiscal revenue reached 26.4 billion yuan, which was close to one-third of the total fiscal revenue of Pudong New Area. Lujiazui has formed a comprehensive industrial development system that takes the three major industries including finance, shipping, and trade as the core and takes the culture, tourism, and exhibition industries and the professional and service industries as the key 3+2 industries.

1. City of Finance

Lujiazui is the most prominent business district in China. In Lujiazui, there are nearly 300,000 financial practitioners working in the highly concentrated financial institutions and there are 855 licensed financial institutions.

2. City of Buildings

Lujiazui is the area with the most densely constructed skyscrapers in the world. In Lujiazui, more than 250 commercial buildings have been built, with a total construction area of more than 15 million square meters.

3. City of Headquarters

Lujiazui is the most economically developed business district in China. Lujiazui has gathered the world’s top operating centers, sales centers, financial centers, order centers, training centers, and other functional organizations and international industry organizations.

4. City of Commerce

Lujiazui has the top shopping district in China. As an important area that embodies the brand image of Shopping in Shanghai, Lujiazui has the most high-profile business district in the country, which is also the first shopping district for high-end consumption in Shanghai, the shopping district with the longest average time of shopping, and the most important source and release place for the first-store capitalism in China.

5. City of Culture

Lujiazui has the most high-end cultural and art industry and cinema resources in China. Lujiazui has a variety of high-end cultural and art venues that cater to the spiritual needs of 500,000 white-collar workers and attract cultural tourists from all over the country and around the world. The venues include Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Aurora Museum, Guanfu Museum, Yunjian Art Museum, etc., as well as those under construction including Shanghai Library East Wing, Shanghai Museum East Wing, and Pudong Art Museum.

6. City of Vitality

Openness, innovation, and internationalization are the most notable features of Lujiazui Financial City. The most developed financial infrastructure, the most active financial market, the most comprehensive service system, the most internationalized professionals, and the most efficient business environment provide important supports for Lujiazui’s innovation and development.

III. Organizational Structure

Sponsors: China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lujiazui Administration Bureau , Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Authority;

Organizer: Public Art Institute of China Academy of Art.

IV. Themes

The themes of the sculptures should be compatible with the financial industry. The sculptures should match the characteristics of urban planning, economic pattern, and humanities of the Lujiazui area, be integrated into Lujiazui’s iconic skyline, and reflect the image and status of a world-class financial city. The works should help to enhance the environment quality and brand value of Lujiazui Financial City, embody the booming status of Lujiazui’s economy, and reflect the international status, cultural heritage, and urban spirit of the financial city.

V. Locations

The sculptures will be established in four locations (for the environment and related information of each location, see Appendix I. The sponsors will not convene special inspection for contributors, and contributors can go to the sites to inspect):

1. Binjiang Park Happy Square;
2. Lujiazui Subway Station Exit No. 1 Square;
3. Oriental Pearl Tower Pleasure Cruise Boat Wharf;
4. Pearl Tower Roundabout.

Figure 2: Schematic plan view of sculpture location

Note: 1. Binjiang Park Happy Square; 2. Lujiazui Subway Station Exit No. 1 Square; 3. Oriental Pearl Tower Pleasure Cruise Boat Wharf; 4. Pearl Tower Roundabout

VI. Application

This competition invites domestic and foreign individuals and major professional art schools to submit creative sculpture works.

Submission for initial review: Participants are requested to send the photos of the works taken from three perspectives, personal photo, scanned copy of ID card (front, back), Application Form (scanned copy and electronic document), and Author’s Letter of Commitment (scanned copy) to before 24:00 on September 25, 2019. Each electronic photo of the works must be over 2MB, and the photos should be named as “author’s name-work’s name-perspective”. Foreign contributors can fill out the application in English. Materials submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Submission for second-round review: The finalists of the initial review must ship or bring the small-scale models to the designated location before the deadline stipulated in the official notice of the organizing committee (the specific time will be announced later). In principle, of the models, the longest side should be less than 60 cm and the weight should be less than 50 kg. The models must realistically show the effect of the work in the actual environment. The material, color, texture, and proportions of the models should be similar to the actual finished sculptures.

VII. Requirements

The works should have clear themes, be novel, unique, concise, exquisite, and balanced, and should convey a strong aesthetic and visual impact. There is no limit on artistic techniques. The contributors need to take the on-site environment into consideration, reflect the theme of the competition with the works, and make use of the materials with flexibility, thus creating works with the cultural characteristics of Lujiazui, and reflecting the perception and in-depth thinking on aesthetics.

VIII. Review and Awards

Initial review: The expert committee composed of experts from the sponsors and experts in the related areas will review the collected works and select 36 pieces for the second-round review.

Second-round review: The three-dimensional models of the 36 works will be exhibited and posted on the designated website of the organizing committee of the competition. The awards will then be finalized. Selected by the sponsors based on expert and public opinions, some of the works will be established (the sponsors and the artists will sign separate art creation and production contracts).

All expenses incurred during the competition, as well as the taxes on the awards, subsidies shall be borne by the participants of the competition.

Awards and compensation for further design for enlargement are as follows:

1. Awards (before tax):

First Prize (1): 80,000 yuan;
Second Prize (2): 50,000 yuan per person;
Third Prize (3): 30,000 yuan per person;
Award of Excellence (30): 5,000 yuan per person.

2. Compensation for further design for enlargement:

If the sponsors decide to implement the sculpture with further design, a compensation fee for further design will be paid to the individual or institution who designed the sculpture. The fees will be paid in accordance with industry standards. Either awards or compensation, whichever is highest, will be paid. The participating institutions or individuals who fail to submit the required result documents will not be compensated.

IX. Schedule

Deadline of initial review: Contributors are requested to submit their works by 24:00 on September 25, 2019;

Initial review: September 27, 2019;

Deadline of second-round review: October 27, 2019 (subject to the presenters’ notice);

Second-round review: End of November 2019.

X. Disclaimer

1. Contributors who submit their works to participate in this competition are deemed to have acknowledged and will abide by the provisions of this invitation;

2. The submitted works must be original; the authors should own all the intellectual property rights of the works; the submitted works shall have not been built in any outdoor venue; plagiarism and multiple submissions are strictly prohibited;

3. The works submitted by the participating authors shall not infringe the patent, copyright, trademark, reputation or any other legal rights of any third party;

4. After the design is submitted, it is deemed that the presenters have the right to publicize, publish, display, and implement the design;

5. All disputes concerning this competition shall be governed by the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China;

6. Presenters shall not be liable for any loss or damage of the contributed works due to loss or damage, mis-shipment, theft or other non-presenter reasons;

7. The winning works will be kept in the collection of the presenters. If the sculpture needs further design, the author shall participate in the further design, and the design compensation fee will be negotiated separately;

8. Submissions are not returned regardless of whether they are used or not;

9. The presenters reserve the right of final interpretation of all documents in this activity.

XI. Contact Us

Email for initial review:

Contact and consultation: 86-571-87095699 (Receiving Group)

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lujiazui Administration Bureau
Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Authority
August 2019


Environment of the four locations:

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